Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bahamian Blue

As we sailed through and visited some of the Caribbean Windward and Leeward Islands, our attention was turned to the land.  While the sailing was rich with ocean rhythms and wondrous skies, we spent more time on land enjoying waterfalls, markets, and rotis.  As we sailed into a deserted bay at the south tip of Long Island in the Exumas Bahamas, our gaze returned to the water.  The crystal layers of cobalts, teals and turquoise swept around us as far as we could see and welcomed us with new luminescence at every turn.

Our new crew had arrived from a chilling (-30) in Calgary and their initiation to sailing was an immediate overnight passage from Providenciales, Turks and Caicos past the southern Bahama Islands to Long Island.  I am the oldest of three and my siblings, David and Colleen, along with David's wife Lee, joined us for the last leg of our sail to Florida, a three week journey through the Exumas and across the Gulf Stream.  To watch their awe at our first anchorage at South Point was worth everything it had taken to get there.  The cool water, white sands, and gentle ripples in the bay slowed everyone down after the heightened energies of the overnight-sail experience.

This was a significant destination for us.  We had heard for years about the beauty of sailing the Bahamas and were greeted by silence and sunset.  The Bahamas had us as captives at this first stop and we could not have known that this was just the appetizer to a banquet of enchantment.

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