Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still in Vero Beach

Great Blue Heron
Cue the Hinterland music theme
In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt designated Pelican Island as the first National Wildlife Refuge in the United States.   It is 12 miles from where we are moored in Vero Beach, Florida.  We've rented a car to spend as much time as we can there, in between munching on hotdogs at spring training Major League baseball games.  This 10 cm long Golden Silk blocked the path on one of our park walks with her 1 metre wide web which has natural ant repellent in it.   She wasn't poisonous to us but we weren't prepared to test the strength of her web.   One of these in Australia fed on small sparrows.

Golden Silk Orbweaver

Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge

Great Southern White Butterfly

Double Crested Cormorant

The cormorants spend a lot of time drying their wings to make it easier for them to take off.  They are great swimmers but flying isn't as easy and they flap around the pond several times before lifting off.  End Hinterland music.  Craig reminded me that the only alligator we've seen was in a pond next to a Home Depot and we saw this pair of Sandhill Cranes with their young in the movie theatre parking lot.  It seems Roosevelt forgot about the need to market the Refuge to the animals.

Staying still suites us for now.  We have temperatures in the high 80's with cool nights, and new kayaks on order to help us further explore the swamps and islands of the Intra Coastal Waterway.  Other boats are coming and going on a daily basis as they make the seasonal trek back to the north.  Not Alberta Crewed.  We are so lazy that we book the septic tank pump boat to come out to us, and will need a big set of bolt cutters to get us off of this mooring ball next week.

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  1. We are pleased to see that you two have finally stopped for a break to smell the roses, and pine tar from the baseball bats......