Thursday, March 7, 2013

Very Vero

Craig and his parents, Anne and Ted
Vero Beach, Florida has been our home for the past two months.  We are tied to a mooring ball at the city marina on Indian River and had planned this season to stay in one place for a change.  Our parents (Ted and Anne, Gail and Jack) are renting houses a few minutes away from the boat and our intention has been to enjoy getting to know the area and spending time with family.  Having said that, I watch with envy when boats leave our marina.  I love just going.  Anywhere. 

Mid January, we had a great three-day run straight from North Carolina.  Our friend Martin (see posting May 26th) was with us, making the 24-hour watch schedule more comfortable and continuing as my sailing coach.  Even with 3, overnights are hard work.  We have 2-hour shifts that are flexible according to how each person is feeling but I find I am not able to get much rest.  I seem to get into a rhythm by the third day, which is when our passages generally end.  At the same time, I love nights on the ocean and this passage was busy with dolphins, a bit of shipping traffic, and sail tweaking.  It was a rocky ride as we followed a navigation line rather than the weather but a 4-day weather window is rare in this area and we were grateful to make the trip quite quickly.

Martin watching pods of Atlantic Spotted dolphins
Since we have been on the boat, I have most anticipated having Craig’s dad, Ted, aboard.  He was a WWII signalman on a U-boat chaser out of Halifax in the North Atlantic and has great stories of wild storms and life aboard in cramped quarters.  Ted turned 90 this past fall and managed some challenging yoga maneuvers to get into the dinghy for a day aboard Alberta Crewed.  We had a great afternoon with Anne and Ted and the Bottlenose dolphins did not disappoint us.  We watched as one swam in speedy circles on her back, trapping schools of fish near our boat.

My parents joined us in mid February and we have seen several Mets spring training games, kayaked, spent mornings in Pelican Island bird sanctuary, played tennis, walked the beaches, and puttered on the boat.  My sister Colleen, and her partner Cindy, whirled through on their way to Belize and our upcoming schedule is filled with more visits from friends and family.  

Anne watching dolphins

Mom kayaking on the Indian River where we are moored
Mets game