Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have nothing to write.  I’m not on my Boat.

This is our eighth year at the Annapolis Sailboat show (minus 2010 when we were in Argentina picking up our boat), the annual spectacle of everything sailing held on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.   On the first of our five days in attendance, I met an Antares Yachts admirer.  Although not an owner (yet), he was engaging in the pre-purchase ritual most of us have gone through.  He was just sitting on the boat…for hours.  Once introduced, he replied excitedly, “Oh, you’re Alberta Crewed!  I read your blog.  By the way, where is your blog?  It’s been pretty quiet.”  “I don’t have anything to write,” I responded.  “I’m not on my boat.” 

This year, we have had a wonderful summer at our Canadian home.  With the edge of the Rocky Mountains less than an hour away, I hiked several times with an enthusiastic and hearty local hiking group.   We climbed some challenging peaks, often ascending 900 metres of elevation, and 10 to 15 km of distance in a day.   I now know about boulder scrambling and scree skiing, and have the scars to prove it on my nose where I face planted and ended up with a nasty gash.  We have also finally begun to build a more permanent home on our small farm.  We have a road, septic tank and field, the site dug out, pilings installed as the house base, and 24 solar panels on order.  Construction begins on Wednesday and as self-contractors, we have racked up the miles getting permits, architect plans, materials, and people.  One hot summer day, we pulled some siding off of a hundred year old barn that was being torn down.  The weathered planks will find a home somewhere in ours. 

On the way down from Carol's Ridge near Nordegg, Alberta
Measure twice...

It is lovely being at home but I’d rather be on my boat.   When I’m not on my boat, I’m waiting to get back to my boat.  We are heading into our fifth season aboard and I still feel as though we are just starting.  I am as excited and enthusiastic about this boat show as I was at our first.  I attended seminars again on weather and cruising the Caribbean.   I watched wistfully as Maite and Ed on Calypso and Gail and Jason with Two Fish (click for their blogs) prepared to head down the Intra-Coastal waterway.  We have followed their boat construction and ocean journeys, and hope to meet up with them on the water. 
With Maite on her gorgeous Calypso

My land world is shaped by experiences on the boat and I am seeing more integration of the two with exploring, constructing, adapting, observing, and reveling in the moment.  Perhaps I do have a little bit to write while on land.  It is at least a way to keep my fingers dipped in the water.