"You have lived in land-locked Alberta all of your life and now you're planning to move 
on to a sailboat? What on earth made you decide that?” This is a question we hear often. Five years ago, we were visiting Oaxaca in southern Mexico, looking at where and how we would like to live as we contemplated our next life adventure. We had three criteria: heat, simplicity, and adventure.

After little success with several possibilities (land, tent, condos, houses) we happened to be looking over a secluded cove and saw two catamaran sailboats anchored lazily in the teal-green water. We were immediately intrigued.

Our next step was a visit to our first of many boat shows, the Simply Sail in Oakland, April 2007. We were awestruck and immediately hooked. We crawled onto every boat, attended all of the seminars we could and began to see that we were impossibly ignorant about sailing.  After much research, sailing courses, crewing a couple of boat deliveries, and more boat shows, we narrowed our search to catamarans; two-hulled, stable and roomy sailing vessels. Antares is the company and the model, the 44i, is built in Argentina (www.liveantares.com). We are living on “Alberta Crewed” having sailed the east coast of South America from Buenos Aires to Trinidad, through the Caribbean, and now along the east coast of the US.

Our email address is lauriebowers@me.com


  1. Awesome pictures!!! The picture on your welcome page with the ocean swell is the best.

  2. I'm envious! And my wife and I are Albertans who obviously think like you do. Our fondness for the ocean and having travelled to many destinations (Oaxaca is one of our favorite places) we don't really want to be stuck at one place. We have looked at homes close to the ocean in many places but a movable "Ocean view" is what we've decided on. I've been following different Anteres blogs and finally got to see the boat at the Annapolis show this year. You don't have to be a sailor to appreciate the quality of this fine courses start in spring.